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Venue: University of Glasgow,
Main Campus School of Law, Stair Building, 5-10 Professor Square

Pre-conference events

            Interest Groups events

            ESIL Board meeting


Venue: University of Glasgow, Main Building, Senate/Melville/Turnbull Suite

08:00 Registration (Turnbull Room)

09:00-11:00 Opening session and Keynote (Senate Room)                

 Professor Diane Marie Amann, University of Georgia:
“No Exit at Nuremberg: the Post-War Order as Stage for 21st-Century Global Insecurity”

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break 

11:30-13:00 Parallel Sessions

            Panel #1 Cyber-Security and the Digital Battlefield (Senate Room)

      Chair: Jacques Hartmann (Dundee)

Discussant: Irène Couzigou (Aberdeen)

  • Aude Géry – Can International Law Save Cyberspace? Analyzing State Practice  Towards International Law in the Field of ICTs in the Context of International Security
  • María Vásquez Callo-Müller and Iryna Bogdanova – Unilateral Cyber Sanctions and Global Cybersecurity Law-Making
  • Roland Klein – Regulating the Spread of Global ‘Intelligentization’ – International Export Control Law as Arbiter Between the Benefits and Risks to International Peace and Security Posed by the Proliferation of Dual-Use AI

            Panel #2 The UN as a Security Actor: Promise and Perils (Melville Room)

      Chair: Daniel Erasmus-Khan (Munich)

Discussant: Therese O’Donnell (Strathclyde)

  • Klaudia Klonowska – The UN Security Council Law-Making and Its Impact on the (Inter-)National Watchlisting Practices
  • Rebecca Mignot-Mahdavi – All About Forms: Global Security Governance and International Law
  • Sofie-Marie Terrey and Ansgar Münichsdorfer – Humanitarian Exemptions: An Illusive Progress in Safeguarding Humanitarian Assistance in the International Counterterrorism Architecture?
  • Ash Murphy – Climate Security: The Promise and Peril of Climate Change Before the UN Security Council

13:00-14:30 Lunch

14:30-16:00 Parallel Sessions

            Panel #3 Security and Human Rights: Tensions and Frictions (Senate Room)

      Chair: Christina Binder (Munich)

Discussant: Rebecca Sutton (Glasgow)

  • Andrej Lang – The Ambivalence of Non-Judicial Adjudication in International Law: A case-study of the Ombudsperson to the ISIL and Al-Qaida sanctions regime
  • Victoria Kerr and James Patrick Sexton – Human Rights and Security: Unpacking the Elusive Nature of Magnitsky Sanctions
  • Philip Burton and Kathryn Allinson – Securitisation and Protection: The Origin Story of International Refugee Law

            Panel #4 Historical and Current Challenges to Economic Security (Melville Room)

      Chair: Evelyne Schmid (Lausanne)

Discussant: Filippo Fontanelli (Edinburgh)

  • Astrid Iversen – Sustainable Debt Restructuring: Possibilities and Challenges Under International Law
  • Agata Daszko – In a World Full of Civilians, be a Foreign Investor: Compensation Post-Conflict
  • G.C. McBain – Debt and Civilisation: Intervention and Economic Security in Victorian International Law

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break

16:30-17:45 Special Session: Engagement and Mentoring: A Conversation with Early Career Researchers (Senate Room)

Informal discussion, convened by Neha Jain, Gleider Hernández, Pierre d’Argent, Evelyne Schmid, Silvia Steininger, Gail Lythgoe and Jessica Schechinger

18:00 – Drinks Reception in the Hunterian Museum

19:30 – Evening Conference Dinner – Glasgow University Union


09:00-10:30 Rapid Response Panel: The Aggression against Ukraine – What Role for International Law? (Senate Room)

With Mykola Gnatovsky, Lauri Mälksoo and Daria Shapovalova, convened by Saskia Millmann and Christian J. Tams

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:30 Parallel Sessions

            Panel #5 Traditional Security Concerns in New Guise (Senate Room)

      Chair: James Devaney (Glasgow)

Discussant: Federica Paddeu (Cambridge)

  • Agnese Vitale – Recognition of Governments between Legality, Legitimacy, and Effectiveness. Global Security Implications in Light of Recent Practice
  • Weihang Zhou – State Responsibility and Global Security: Did the International Law Commission Get It Wrong
  • Martin Svec – The Role and Relevance of Public International Law in Global Security Discourse: Planetary Defense in the Context of International Law

            Panel #6 Maritime and Water Security (Melville Room)

      Chair: Antonios Tzanakopoulos (Oxford)

Discussant: Seline Trevisanut (Utrecht)

  • Andrea Longo – Fish-Food for Thought: Rethinking the Paradigm of IUU Fishing through the Human Rights Lens
  • Carlos A. Cruz Carrillo – Reconciling Divergent Interests in the Context of Maritime Security: The Role of the Duty of Due Regard in the Law of the Sea
  • Millicent McCreath and Valentin Schatz – EEZ-adjacent Distant Water Fishing as a Global Security Challenge: An International Law Perspective
  • Petr Stejskal – The Role of International Water Law in Global Security Discourse

12:30-13:30 Concluding Session (Senate Room)

            Roundtable – Global Security: Regulating an Illusion?

Concluding reflections, with Anni Pues, Mavluda Sattorova and Jean d‘Aspremont, moderated by Robin Geiss.

            Conclusions (ESIL and local organisers)

13:30- 14:30 Lunch

15:00- Research Forum finishes