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The 2022 ESIL Research Forum will take place between 31st March and 1st April 2022 and will be hosted by the Glasgow Centre for International Law and Security (GCILS) at the University of Glasgow. The Forum addresses the topic: “International Law and Global Security: Regulating an Illusion?”.

Global Security is one of the major themes of international law in the 21st century. While traditional security concerns such as armed conflict and the risk of nuclear confrontation continue to present challenges for international law, the ‘security dimension’ of various other challenges is increasingly appreciated. Issues such as social inequality, climate change, displacement and pandemics are now often viewed through the security lens, making the contemporary global security order look more complex than ever before. At the same time, the ‘securitization’ of ever broader fields of international relations is met with scepticism and concern. Read more about the idea behind the 2022 Research Forum’s topic here.

To apply, please submit an abstract of not more than 750 words to by Thursday, 30 September 2021. Please include the following information with your abstract: your name, affiliation, email address, whether you are an ESIL member, plus a one-page curriculum vitae. Successful applicants will be notified by email by 22 November 2021.

The organisers particularly encourage applications from any under-represented groups within ESIL. In selecting abstracts, relevant factors will include the academic merit of the individual abstract and its fit with the theme of the Research Forum. The final decision will also be guided by our commitment to diversity and inclusion; candidates who identify with under-represented groups within the Society are encouraged to apply.
Complete paper drafts (8,000-10,000 words, in your chosen formatting) will be required by Friday, 11 February 2022. Papers may in due course be published in the ESIL Conference Paper Series.

Speakers whose abstracts have been selected will be expected to attend the Research Forum in Glasgow. They will be expected to bear the costs of their own travel and accommodation.

To register, please complete the Registration Forum here. Please read the registration details carefully.

All those who take part in the Forum are expected to be ESIL members at the time of their participation.

Please visit relevant sections of this website, regarding details and suggestions of accommodation and travel in Glasgow.